Correctly aligning 4Ps of Marketing mix makes a Liquor company leapfrog to # 1 position in target Market

Correctly aligning 4Ps of Marketing mix makes a Liquor company leapfrog to # 1 position in target Market

Company leapfrogs to # 1 position by correctly aligning with Customers’ perspective

North India has large consumption of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) along with country liquor, sales of which is driven primarily by quota allocated by Government to different local manufacturers. The Company had a low share of IMFL market and that too in cheap (low price) segment, but, for years, it had good sales of country liquor, having been awarded the second highest quota in the state amongst four local players.

In the year 1999, based on poor quality feedback by Consumers & Channel members, company faced the threat of sales quota being reduced by the Govt.

Management took number of measures in the plant & market place to improve liquor quality; but failed to make much impact on Consumers’ & Channel members’ perception. Approaching a dead end in its efforts to increase, or even retain, its market share of country liquor, the company sought some insightful solutions from Actuate Business Consulting.

Detailed market research was conducted to understand varied preferences and perceptions of Consumers.

Based on the insights gained through the field studies about customers’ expectations and views & suggestions of channel numbers, wide ranging changes were introduced. Improvements were made in Product formulations, Packaging quality, point of purchase Promotions, proper Positioning of its popular IMFL Brand’s extension as country liquor and correct Placement across different regions / segments.

Spread over a period of six months, changes were planned, tested & systematically executed across the process chain – right from Product Development, Production, Filling & Packing, Storage, Distribution logistics & retail Sales through Vends.

The market response was overwhelming. In the year 2000, company was rated as number 1 in the market & got highest sales quota from Govt in 2001.

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