Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation

To track latest developments in management theory & techniques and to foster the academic and intellectual development of our consultants, we actively seek, assimilate, create and share new knowledge on an ongoing basis through various activities such as

  • Participate in seminars, conferences & advanced training programs
  • Provide research support services to academics, universities & institutions
  • Involve in training client’s executives and teaching activities at leading international and Indian business schools
  • Contribute towards knowledge artifacts including research papers published in books & reputed international journals and presented at leading international & national conferences

This academic orientation stimulates our conceptually rich out-of-box thinking, enabling us to evolve innovative implementable solutions.

Below is a representative list of artifacts to which our team members have contributed

  • Kathuria, A., & Yui, E. (2014). More is not always better: Cybage’s Growth Strategy by Internal Focus. Harvard Business Review.
  • Kathuria, R., Kohli, T., Kathuria, N., & Porth, S. J. (2013). Strategic Consensus in India vis-�-vis USA: A Comparative Study. Paper presented at the 7th ISDSI International Conference & 5th OSCM Conference International Conference, New Delhi, India. (the Decision Sciences Institute is the leading professional organization in the area of decision sciences.)
  • Kathuria, A., & Konsynski, B. (2012). Juggling Paradoxical Strategies: The Emergent Role of IT Capabilities. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Thirty Third International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Orlando, FL. (this is the leading international conference in the area of information systems and the paper was nominated for the best paper award)
  • Kathuria, R., Porth, S. J., Kathuria, N., & Kohli, T. (2011). Competitive priorities and strategic consensus in emerging economies: evidence from India. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 30(8), 879-896. (this journal is ranked among the top 5 journals world-wide in the area of operations management)
  • Kathuria, R., Porth, S. J., Kathuria, N., & Kohli, T. (2008). Strategic Consensus in India. Paper presented at the Strategic Management Society’s India Conference, Hyderabad, India. (The Strategic Management Society is the leading professional organization in the area of strategic management.)
  • Wagner, H. M., Vargas, V. A., & Kathuria, N. (1993). The accuracy of aggregate LP production planning models. In R. Sarin (Ed.), Perspectives in Operations Management: Essays in Honor of E.S. Buffa (pp. 359-387): Springer.
  • McLaughlin, C. P., Pannesi, R. T., & Kathuria, N. (1991). The different operations strategy planning process for service operations. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 11(3), 63-76.

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